… those are the words of a World Trade Center Employee who was 15mins late to work on Tuesday, September 11th 2001.  He was up late watching the Football game.  A man whose name I will never know but share a special sentiment with.

On Monday, September 10th 2001 the New York Giants played the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado. It was the first regular season game and they beat New York 31 -20. It was the first NFL game to be played at the new stadium.

On that same evening, a 30-something year old man , like many others around the nation, and especially in New York, sat in front of his TV to enjoy the game. As most New Yorkers,  he was loyal, passionate and excited to watch his team play. That season, Defensive End, Micheal Strahan had been doing exceptionally well as the leader  in sacks in the NFL. And  just like all the other Giants fans, he more than likely wished to get as much of the game as possible before he went to sleep and finally called it a night.

..The next day he would wake up late and rush to work but …he would never make it.

Instead he would arrive at his train stop moments after the first plane hit the South Tower.

Monday Night Football had indeed….saved his life.

On the 1oth Anniversary of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks all of America is drawn to reflect on where they were at 8:46am EST a decade ago.

I wont go into personal details as to where I was as no one I know, even those with the worst memories, have forgotten where they were when they heard, or saw…. the news.

What I will say is that its ironic how one situation, one moment,.. or perhaps a few can serve to teach us about not only how precious life is but to bring into perspective on how to re-evaluate our purpose here on this planet.

You may not exactly have a plan… a blueprint, step-by-step manual as to what you want or where you want to be in 5 years but we all have the ability to feel and make a choice.

Choice is such a powerful weapon.

We , especially those of us who live in the United States, can wake up and make a choice.

..Hit the snooze button.

…walk the dog.

…go to the gym.

…eat breakfast.

We also have days where it seems as if the entire world is falling down on us. As if EVERYTHING that possibly can go wrong has. And in those moments… how do we respond?

To say that I have not been a child of pain, hurt, confusion and disappointment would make me a liar. What I can say, is the days I get up and fight like hell for my happiness are the days that I am acutely more aware  of the lessons that I am to learn.

If you are experiencing any pain in your life start by gaining control of your choices: mental, physical, emotional. Recognize your pain, experience it, acknowledge it and PUSH. The moment you decide to Live… to be happy and PROTECT your happiness is the moment you become stronger.

….and trust me. It takes time.

10 years ago , thousands of people woke up and lost their lives….millions more would never think the of the date the same again.  And when I think of them I think of  what their lives have given me: Hope.

Our choices… voluntary or involuntary are POWERFUL.

So when you wake up in the morning…be PRESENT.

Tell someone you love them. Call a friend. Give a hug. Say your sorry. Start Over. Forgive. Believe.

Whatever it is… just be present…

and if it happens to be in your passion for your favorite sports team… just remember to enjoy every last-minute.

Even when sometimes… you have taken a lost.

The Submariners Daughter.